Alfa romeo alloy wheel

Nothing looks more attractive on your car than shiny brand new alloy wheels. Alloy wheels not only look good but offer many performance advantages such as help the car to deliver fast speed, and assist in quick stopping. The frame of alloy wheels puts less strain on your car’s suspension, improves handling and allows it to dissipate the heat from brake components. But this comes with some cons like scratching, cracking easily, buckles and car alloy paint damages.

However this doesn’t mean it is impossible to repair alloy wheels while also saving you on heavy costs. If you are committed and good at DIYs, then get ready because in this article, we will provide you the easiest alloy wheel repair methods that you can try at home that will save you money.

Sound interesting? Let’s get started. Below are the two of the best ways to make your car’s alloy wheels feel and look it’s best again.

Alloy Wheel Paint Pen

This could be one of the handiest products in the automobile industry. If your rim has endured very light scratches. These alloy wheel paint pens can be used to hide minor scratches. Make sure to shake the touch up pens well before use, then use the pen tip to cover the affected area to cover up those scratches. This quick fix will have your alloy wheel looking new again.

Alloy Wheel Spray Paint Kit

Another one of best ways to repair and paint alloy wheels by yourself quickly. Before you start the process, know that it can be time consuming and will need your utmost concentration to get the final results like a professional.

For using the alloy wheel repair kit, you must make sure to buy the right colour that matches your rim. Our team can help you to pick the right colour. You will also need these essential products in the spray paint kit to get the best results:

  • Sand papers (With grit of 300-500 and above)
  • Washing cloth and detergent
  • Filler Putty
  • Primer
  • Spray paint
  • Clear paint or Lacquer

Once you have all of these items, you can start the process with the following steps. Make sure that you are doing this where there is no dust, humidity, or very cold weather, any of these conditions could hinder achieving the best end results from spray paint kits.

  1. First of all wash your rim using a mild detergent, sponge and then dry it.
  2. After removing all of the dirt, sand down the area with damages until it becomes smooth enough; afterwards wipe the area down with a damp cloth and let it dry.If there are any noticeable gaps, you will need to fill them with filler putty and let this dry. Once dry, use a very fine grain quality sand paper and sand it down until you get a smooth Once this is done, clean the area again and dry.
  3. Next spray one or two coats of primer with a time interval between them to dry the alloy.
  4. After this comes the paint. Do not forget to shake the spray can well. Spray required coats of paint in thin layers with timed intervals in between for each layer to ensure it is dry. For professional results, it is recommended to use a rim touch up paint pen.
  5. Once you have your required results, the final step will be applying the lacquer. Usually one or two layers ensuring to completely dry the lacquer between each coat.

Sounds easy, but seems difficult? Well perfection comes at the cost of time and effort. The ideal tool you need for refurbishing is a touch up paint pen for alloy wheels. For the best paint for alloy wheels take a look at our alloy wheel paint collection and try it. You will save on costs, trips to professionals and get compliments on your alloys.

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